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Citrus Park 50+ Softball

Upcoming Events

Men's One Pitch        March 27-29

Banquets                    March 30

Click here to see the remaining 2023 Schedule of Events with times (updated 2/27/23)

The last men's softball ratings/re-ratings session until Fall will be Friday, March 31st, at noon on diamond 1.

Sign up sheets are still posted on the bulletin boards at both diamonds.

Remember that you have to be re-rated if:

- You are new to the league

- Re-rated due to injury or illness

- Re-rated due to a season or more of inactivity

Please note that you must be registered for the 2024 season to be rated. If you haven't registered yet, registrars will be available during one pitch in the 50/50 parking on field one and two to register Monday or Tuesday. The registration fee is $70 cash or check (US funds only). REGISTRATION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE; however, $50 of the registration fee can be carried over to the 2025 season if you choose not to play in 2024.

Contact Randy Pickersgill at 239-676-8443 with questions.

If you would still like to register for the 2024 women's softball season, come on over on Sunday, March 26th between 11 am and 2 pm to 25716 Lilac Ct. The cost is $70 if you register by April 1. $85 after April 1. If you can't register on Sunday, just give me a call at 810-845-5939 and we'll set up a time for you to register.

Thank you.

Diane Banyas, Registrar

There aren’t many 2023 registered players left to register for the 2024 season.

Just a reminder the fee in October is $85.

If you want to be on a team or reserves in 2024, you have until March 30th to register at the discounted rate of $70 (cash or check, US funds only).

We will be available during one pitch in between my games, so check for us on our cart in the 50/50 parking on field one and two to register Monday or Tuesday.

We don’t have any other registration days scheduled at this time until November.

Mike Nichols



The elections of new officers for CP Softball was scheduled for 2/20 - 2/22. The nominations for candidates have been submitted and there is only one person running for each office.

As these candidates are running unopposed, no balloting is necessary.

The new officers are listed below. Please congratulate the new officers and thank them for their willingness to give up their time and energy to continue making our league the great benefit it is to all of us.

League Board:

Vice President Tiki Hut, Joanne Thomas

Vice President Grounds, Scott Hill

Treasurer, Evarista Mikell

Men’s League:

President Elect, Ray (Spike) Shideler

Player Placement, Rick Rabbage

Women’s League:

President Elect, Connie Hill

Secretary, Shari Moore

Team selection/Player Placement, Rita Seabrook

A great big shout out to all of them for stepping up to fill these important positions!

John Badger

League Board President

Click here to see League board meeting minutes from 3/2/23

From the Men's Rules Committee - 

Effective Monday Feb 13

Men’s League Members

With injurious contact seemingly increasing on the bases your board will be introducing language for next year to mitigate these situations in the interest of safety. In the interim, to reduce these situations and encourage runners who chose not to slide the Board will be instructing our umpires to award the base to a runner that veers away to avoid contact that would have been safe (i.e. the fielder drops the ball or doesn’t step on the base). This measure is not only intended to incentivize runners to avoid upright contact but to fairly award the runner that would have been safe had he continued to the bag.

To see photos of the 2023 Citrus Park 50+ Softball season, click on this link:

Photos by Lynette Gram

Special thanks to Lynette for documenting our season!

Click here or send an email to [email protected] to contact or get information from a League board or committee member.

 To view a list of our recently deceased league members click the 'Memory Walk' link above. Also, help us stay informed about our deceased league members and their spouses. Click on the 'Memory Walk' link above for more information.

The CP office has asked the league to have a spokesperson to represent the league. If you have questions or concerns for the office regarding the league please contact John Badger. Email: [email protected]