Citrus Park 50+ Softball



A message from John Badger, Men’s League President -

I hope this finds everyone well and enjoying their summer. I am still in the park but will be escaping the heat soon. The new sod and infield repairs to field 1 look great. The sprinkler system for both fields have been connected to the new well and are working well. With that and the rains having started, the fields are greening up and will be ready for a new season in the fall.
A reminder that players attending the Good Neighbor Games who need to be re-rated for next season can be rated there. If you need to be rated and are attending contact Jerry Hopkins to make arrangements.

Players who did not play last season must be re-rated. The league will hold several rating sessions in the Fall. The last rating session prior to team selections will be held on December 10th. Players who are rated after December 10th will be placed on reserves.

Those attending the GNG have a great time and we will see everyone in the fall.

Click on the "GNG" tab to get the latest on the 2021 Good Neighbor Games, including teams, info about golf and other important information.

$1,000 scholarships funded by the CP 50+ Softball league were presented to two deserving students from the inaugural graduating class of Bonita Springs High School on May 19th. The scholarships were awarded to Jonathan Ortiz and Melanie Seife. The awards were presented on behalf of the league by Arlene Johnson and Jim Beall.

A fun new event is being planned for the 2022 season to benefit the softball league.

“Putt Around the Park” is a putt putt golf course with the holes scattered throughout Bonita Terra.  An entry fee will be required and cash prizes will be awarded.


Now the catch - we need all you creative people with time on your hands and miscellaneous materials laying around to design and build putt putt holes.  Google DIY putt putt holes or look on Pinterest for ideas to get your creative juices flowing!  They can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. 

Please contact Dee Metzger by calling or texting 330-204-1360 if you are willing to participate. She will need your name, phone number, and Bonita Terra address.  

Congratulations to C.P. Softball's 2021 championship teams!  Paul's Barber took the men's regular season title.  BT Grille won the men's playoffs.  Angels won the women's regular season.  White Ibis took the women's one pitch championship and the Clippers captured the Vinny Maribito men's one pitch tournament.

Click here to view or print the Men's master rerate list following the 2021 season.

Softball field 1 remains closed until September due to maintenance activities.

Field 2 is still open although bases and storage chests have been removed, trash cans put away, pitching screens tied down, etc. There are a couple of buckets each of men’s and women’s balls, and batting tees, in a storage chest in back of the Tiki Hut. IF YOU TAKE ANY OF THIS EQUIPMENT PLEASE RETURN IT. IF YOU USE A PITCHING SCREEN, PLEASE TIE IT UP WHEN YOU ARE DONE.

Click here for a message about  the results of the survey taken during men's league registration and the men's league board.


 To view a list of our recently deceased league members click the 'Memory Walk' link above. Also, help us stay informed about our deceased league members and their spouses. Click on the 'Memory Walk' link above for more information.

The CP office has asked the league to have a spokesperson to represent the league. If you have questions or concerns for the office regarding the league please contact Joanne Thomas. Email:

Upcoming Events

Field 1 closed for maintenance April 1 to September

Good Neighbor Games August 10-12

Pre-season fall ball November 1st (tentative)